Sunday, February 21, 2010

Assignment Sheet February 22-26

*Hoodies and T-shirts are due Feb. 26th
*Performance Contracts must to be returned ASAP.
*PASS Writing - Mar.16-17
*Mar. 3rd- Early Release Day

In reading, we are finishing A Letter to Mrs. Roosevelt. In writing we are preparing for the PASS by studying Voice.

We will continue our unit on Perimeter, Area and Volume. There will be a test this week.

We are continuing our study of the Earth's featurer. We will also get in depth with Weathering and Erosion.

We are still in our study of World War II. World War II day is March 3rd.

1. another
2. family
3. respect
4. opinion
5. mystery
6. re - again
7. de - down
8. con - with
9. il - not
10. pre - before
11. reassess
12. depression
13. construction
14. illiterate
15. precede

“Opportunity is missed by most people because it is dressed in overalls and looks like work.”
-Thomas Edison

Monday, February 15, 2010

Assignment Sheet February 15-19

*Hoodies and T-shirts are due Feb. 26th
*Performance Contracts must to be returned ASAP.

In reading we are beginning A Letter to Mrs. Roosevelt. In writing we are preparing for the PASS through Content and Development.

We will begin unit on Perimeter, Area and Volume. Multiplication is HUGE in this unit.

We are continuing our study of the Ocean Floor. We will also get in depth with Weathering and Erosion.

We are beginning our study of World War II. We will learn about dictators and nationalism.

1. false
2. independence
3. measure
4. quest
5. significant
6. age - state of
7. ate - to cause
8. tion - result of
9. ous - full of
10. ual - relating to
11. postage
12. nominate
13. eruption
14. dangerous
15. conceptual

Never be ashamed to admit you were wrong. You’re only saying that you’re smarter today than you were yesterday. ~ Dave Gilpin


We are getting ready to learn about World War II! Students and Parents, here are the standards that the students will be responsible for learning.

5-4.4 Explain the principal events related to the United States’ involvement in World War II – including the bombing of Pearl Harbor, the invasion in Normandy, Pacific island hopping, the bombing of Hiroshima and Nagasaki – and the role of key figures in this involvement such as Winston Churchill, Franklin D. Roosevelt, Joseph Stalin, and Adolf Hitler. (P, G, H)

5-4.5 Summarize the political and social impact of World War II, including changes in women’s roles, in attitudes toward Japanese Americans, and in nation-state boundaries and governments. (P, E, H)

5-4.6 Summarize key developments in technology, aviation, weaponry, and communication and explain their effect on World War II and the economy of the United States. (P, E, H)

5.5.1 Summarize the impact of cultural developments in the United States following WWII, including the significance of pop culture and mass media and the population shifts to the suburbs. (G, H)

5.5.2 Summarize changes in the United States economy following WWII, including the expanding ob market and service industry, consumerism, and new technology. (E, P, H)

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

What theStudents Say about Roaring 20s and Great Depression Days

Roaring 20's day was all around fun. The best part was the dressing up.Other than that, was in Mr.P's and Mr.Cole's room where we learned about the new inventions time of 1920.Great Depression day was awesome, too. This time I went out of my way to dress up.The best class was Mrs.Bracken's because we watched clips of old time movies. I learned a great deal of knowledge on each day.-Roman

Roaring 20's day was fun. The best thing about it was the part when we had to dress up. So than that it was melancholy because everything was destroyed. All of the farmers were having to reform their lives. I learned that only $1 dollar was alot to all of the unemployed people.-Dabrejha

Roaring 20's day was fun. Everybody dressed up in flapper dresses and suits. In Mr.Cole and Mr.P's class we learned about inventions in the 1920's.That was fun. We also had Great Depression day. The whole fifth grade dressed as hobos, also we were poor, so it wasn't very great because in Mrs.Bracken's class we had to wait in bread line. Some of us didn't get but a little and some didn't get anything. So I felt sorry for people who didn't get anything. Those 2 days were fun days.-Destini

I learned a lot about the great depression and how the stock market crashed and we went to alot of classes and learned about FDR and about how he fixed the problems during the great depression.

I learned alot of things about roaring 20's and the great depression. Let's start with the roaring 20's.There is something really neat that you probably don't know that the cake walk was invented by the African Americans. They were making fun of their owner's . And then the owner's loved it so much they started to do it. And they did not know they were making fun of themselves. A fun thing that we did was we made poem's and we learned the Charleston, and for the great depression we dressed up as hobos. And we learned that we have it a lot easier now then they did back then and we should be thankful.
-by :Kristian

I love dress up days because we get to see what it is like in ALL the class rooms. I learn so many things in exotic ways. I really enjoyed Roaring 20's day because it was so cool to be able to learn the Charleston and learn how to write the blues at school! I also really enjoyed dressing up! I loved Great Depression day because it was good to see how the people of that time actually got by. My favorite part of Great Depression day was Mr.Cole and Mr.Pearson's station. We played a game with stocks where we had to buy and sell off stocks. I now understand how depressing this time was. ---- Parker

The Great Depression day is the best in my opinion because we got to do a lot more things as well the classes were longer, for example Mr.Pearson and Mr.Cole's class. My favorite class was Mrs.Bracken's because at the end we had to wait in a line for food and did not know who was and wasn't going to get food. Now I fully know what they went through.----Umbrion

Roaring 20s and the Great Depression

Last Wednesday and today, we had ROARING TWENTIES DAY and GREAT DEPRESSION DAY! All the fifth grade students dressed up each day like they would have if they lived during that time period. For the Roaring 20s Day, they experienced DANCING the Charleston, writing and singing the blues and learning about Jazz music and musicians. For Great Depression Day, the students learned about the Dust Bowl, entertainment during the Depression, played a stock market simulation game, and heard some of Roosevelt's Fireside chats. WOW!!! History sure did come to life for our fifth graders!

Monday, February 8, 2010

The Big Rock Candy Mountains

We analyzed this song today in class to understand the many symbols in the song as we connected it to the hoboes lives.


In ELA this week, we are reading a novel called A LETTER TO MRS. ROOSEVELT. Brotherhood is a major theme of this story. So, to show an example of brotherhood and how we all need to unite and cooperate with one another, we watched this quick video from India.


While talking about the Great Depression, we discussed the many trials people faced. We discussed how FDR must have felt having Polio and how people probably made fun of him and how we was told he couldn't succeed. When we studied the Industrial Revolution, Miss Allmon brought out a great quote, "You only fail when you stop trying!" So, to give us some motivation we watched this video in class today.

Friday, February 5, 2010

Circle of Gold Chant

Several teachers from Calhoun attended a workshop last night at the Peace Center entitled "Power of Chant." We learned several techniques on how to use steady beat, rhythm, and other musical techniques to help build fluency in reading as well as teach content areas. This morning, my homeroom created their own chant for a different character in our novel we just finished CIRCLE OF GOLD. ENJOY!!!

Assignment Sheet February 8-12

*Parent Surveys are due Feb. 10th
*Hoodies and T-shirts are due Feb. 26th
*Performance Contract needs to be returned.

In reading we are beginning A Letter to Mrs. Roosevelt. In writing we are preparing for the PASS through Organization.

We will finish our study of Metrics with a quiz. Then we will begin unit on Perimeter, Area and Volume.

We are continuing our study of the Ocean Floor.

We will finish our unit on the Great Depression. Great Depression Day is Wednesday the 10th.

1. awful
2. incredible
3. mature
4. purpose
5. understood
6. aqua - water
7. aud - hear
8. fict - to make
9. terra - land
10. tri - three
11. semiaquatic
12. applauding
13. fictitious
14. subterranean
15. tribute

Never was good work done without much trouble.
~ Chinese proverb

Monday, February 1, 2010

Life is Fine By Langston Hughes

Here is my homeroom performing "Life is Fine." I think we videoed this one 1,000 times. Poor Halle couldn't remember her line to save her life. (You'll see what I mean towards the end!) Enjoy.. they worked really hard because when we taped this, a few people were absent, so people had to pick up some extra parts.

Mother to Son By Langston Hughes

Here is Mr. Pearson's Homeroom presenting "Mother to Son"

Assignment Sheet Feb. 1-5

*McCants Middle School will be here Feb. 2nd.
*Early Release at 11 am - Feb. 3rd
*Hoodies and T-shirts are due Feb. 26th

We will finish our novel Circle of Gold. Expect a test on the novel on Friday!

We will have a test on rulers and protractors on Tuesday. Thursday we will begin studying metrics.

We will continue with landforms and move to our study of the oceans and ocean floor.

Roaring Twenties Day is Feb. 3rd! We are beginning our unit on the Great Depression

1. ache
2. curious
3. instead
4. toward
5. whine
6. chron - time
7. therm - heat
8. soph - best
9. sci - know
10. sphere - ball
11. synchronize
12. thermos
13. sophisticated
14. subconscious
15. hydrosphere

The difference between good and great is just a little extra effort. ~ Duffy Daugherty