Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Summer Break 2010

School is out for Summer, and what can I say, "Let's rest, have some fun and get ready for next year!" Next year's theme is "It's Showtime!"

Fifth Graders coming up next year... Get ready for the ride of your life. Your fifth grade teachers love to have some fun but before we do that you have to read The Essential 55, so start showing those manners and RESPECT! Enjoy yourself this summer and get ready for a pretty amazing year!!!!

End of the Year

The wonderful fifth grade teachers that I work with!!!

Fifth Grade teachers singing and playing "Change Forever"

The things teachers do for their students!!! :)

WOW!!!! I cannot believe the end of the year is here! We have done so much since PASS testing. The fifth graders ended the year with their end of the year performance. We did a decade performance called, "Changes." The students did an AWESOME job! (If anyone has any pictures they would like to share from the evening please email me a few!!!) robinbracken@anderson5.net.

We practiced, practiced and practiced some more to get ready for the performance, and the students DID NOT disappoint. Thank you students for putting on a great show!

We concluded the year with our fifth grade recognition service, cook-out, dunking booth and class parties. I cannot believe it is time for summer and to send our fifth graders to middle school. Best of luck to all of you. It has been an AWESOME year. Continue to DREAM BIG and WORK HARD! God Bless! - Mrs. Bracken (Her Majesty!)

President's Projects

One last project: 5th graders presented information about a US president. Here we have two very important men in our Nation's history! Thanks for coming and visiting with us guys! We were honored!