Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Shiloh- by Lawson

In reading, we are reading a novel by Phyllis Reynolds Naylor, SHILOH. This novel is very entertaining and has many lessons!  It all starts when a young boy named Marty Preston finds a dog that belongs to Judd Travers and names it Shiloh! Marty has to  lie to his parents and even close friends to keep the young beagle safe. Marty has to hid shiloh in a fence he built himself. He also has to tell his parents things  like, "I've been getting this odd feeling at night like I'm really hungry." So his Ma lets him save some of his food but instead of eating it at night, Marty gives it to Shiloh! Marty has a strong heart for Shiloh and will do anything thing to keep him safe! Also in reading we have been disgusting problems and questions from the story. One activitiy we have done was a lie blob. It's where you put all the lies you can think of that Marty has said.We also disgust cause and effect with our groups! We disgust if the chapter is internal or external! We do many fun things with this novel those were just some of the few exciting  things we do! The book is a Newberry arward winner! You will have to read and see what happens!

Fractions- by Issy and Abby

In math we are learning about fractions. The fractions we are learning are how to  reduce fractions, equivalent fractions, adding and subtracting fractions. If we acomplish these fractions we get QT donuts!!! We spend our math time with Mrs.Bracken learning about these easy fractions to know when we get older for cooking or teaching and measuring! Some people in our pod have trouble with it so their classmates help them learn fractions. Sometimes Mr.Cole and Mrs.Bracken write songs to help us learn them easily like the song we did for algebra.We practice fractions everyday for the past week.Our teachers push us  to know these really well.They help us if we are struggling and are by our sides the whole time that we learn about fractions. Our teachers teach us step by step how to do fractions. WE enjoy fractions like we enjoy our teachers like Mrs.Bracken!!!!!