Sunday, October 24, 2010

Words that Make a Difference

In class, we are talking about being responsible and how coming to school is our JOB, and we really want to do our job well. Here are some sayings that the students see around the room!

Red Ribbon Week

This week is Red Ribbon Week. We are pledging to be DRUG FREE!!!
It’s Showtime! Time to Show That We Can Say No!

Monday: Show Your Team Spirit

“Team Up Against Drugs!”

(Students will wear their favorite team shirt or sweatshirt.)

Tuesday: Show Your Character

“My Character Shines-I’m Drug Free!”

(Students wear shiny or sparkly clothing and/or accessories, jewelry, jackets, belts, etc.)

Wednesday: Show Your Personality

“Don’t Get Mixed Up in Drugs!”

(Students wear mix/match clothing. Have fun with this, but everyone MUST follow the dress code.)

Thursday: Show Your Citizenship

“Be a Jean-ius and Vote!”

(Student will wear BLUE jeans and a RED shirt. Students will participate in our Mock Election on this day.)

Every day: Show How We CAN Help Others

Beginning this week, running through October 28, our school will “show how we CAN help others” by bringing canned goods and/or non-perishable food items for the Good Neighbor Cupboard! Every classroom that collects at least 2 items per number of students will receive a small treat for each child!

Tobacco Facts

· In the US, tobacco kills about 1 person every 8 seconds, 50 people an hour, 1,200 people a day or 443,000 people a year (

· Worldwide approximately 5 million people die each year (

· Tobacco use is the leading preventable cause of death in the United States

· Tobacco is directly linked to the #1 causes of death including: heart disease, cancer, stroke, and lung diseases

· Smoking damages almost every organ in the body

· Smokers have a life expectancy that is on average 13-14 years shorter than a non-smoker (

· There are over 200 ingredients in cigarettes which include gross things like arsenic (rat poison), formaldehyde (ingredient used to embalm dead bodies), acetone (fingernail polish remover), benzene (rubber cement), acetic acid

· The majority of 5th graders do NOT smoke!! 98% don’t smoke!!

· Smokeless Tobacco (chewing, dip, etc)

o Smokeless tobacco is a significant health risk and is not a safe substitute for smoking cigarettes. (

o 28 known carcinogens (cancer-causing agents)

o People who use smokeless tobacco are 50 times more likely to get oral cancers including mouth, tongue and cheek cancer

· Secondhand smoke:

o Secondhand smoke is just as dangers and causes some of the same health effects as first hand smoke

o At least 250 toxic chemicals, including more than 50 that can cause cancer (

o For every 8 smokers who die from smoking, 1 innocent by-stander will die due to secondhand smoke

o Secondhand smoke exposure causes an estimated 3,400 lung cancer deaths annually among adult nonsmokers in the United States (

o There is no risk-free level of contact with secondhand smoke; even brief exposure can be harmful to health (

o 27 states have gone “smoke-free”…South Carolina is NOT one of them

My Ultimate Dream

(Jean Newman)

I would like to see

A world that is drug free

Where children laugh and play

Safe from harm every day

Where “Mary Jane”

Is still just a girl’s name

Where “Crack” still means a narrow space

And there are no such terms as “Meth Head” or “Meth Face”

Where “to Trip” means to take a fall

And a “Hit” is made when a bat strikes a ball

Where “Cold Turkey” is a Thanksgiving treat

And “Tracks” are made in the snow from the boots on your feet

Where “Fix” means to repair

And a “Rush” means you’re in a hurry to get somewhere.

Where “High” is simply a level up and “Low” is simply a level down

And illegal drugs can not be found

A world that is wholesome and “Clean”

That is my ultimate dream.

November Fundraiser

Fingerprint Ornaments

Make checks payable to Calhoun Academy of the Arts.
DUE BY FRIDAY, November 12th.

A representative from the pottery shop GLAZED in Clemson will come out to the school the week of November 15th to do fingerprints of the children on the ornaments and then take them back and decorate them according to your order, fire them and return them to the school in time for the holidays.

* These ornaments are great gift ideas at $10.00 per ornament. The ornaments will include your child's name and year. Each ornament comes with a gold tie to hang on your tree. At this price, you can get one for grandparents, too.


Christmas Wreath ___

Santa & Reindeer ___

Christmas Tree ___

Snowmen ___

Reindeer ___

Monday, October 18, 2010

Adjectives Come On Now

Adjectives Come On Now
Written by Robin Bracken
Calhoun Academy of the Arts
Anderson, SC
Sing to: Get Busy by Sean Paul

Adjectives- how many?
Adjectives- what kind?
Adjectives- which one?
It’s Adjectives time

Get busy, describing that noun
adjectives nearly always appear
immediately before the noun
come on you hear me let’s get busy
create pictures in the reader's
Make it so real you take em on a ride
The sentence is flowin’ now
It’s so smooth
It’s magic –WOW!

Adjectives describe a noun
Describe a noun
Describe a noun
Adjectives they modify
They modify
They modify
The Articles — a, an, and the — are adjectives
Are adjectives
Common and proper
Let’s get it on…Let’s get it on
Adjectives describe a noun
Adjectives describe a noun

Comparisons are known as the positive, the comparative, and the superlative.
Comparative compares two things
The Superlative compares three or more
Luan is funny, but Kyle is funnier, but Roman is the funniest in town.
Positive, comparative, superlative
They compare!


Add -er and -est to form
most comparatives and superlatives,
although we need -ier and -iest
when a two-syllable
adjective ends in y
like happier and happiest
or use more and most
when an adjective
has more than two syllables


Adjectives come on now
Size, Shape, Age and Color
Adjectives come on now
Size, Shape, Age and Color

rich richer richest
lovely lovelier loveliest
beautiful more beautiful
most beautiful

Come on!


Adjectives come on now
this, that, these, and those
Adjectives come on now
this, that, these, and those

good better best
bad worse worst
little less least
far further furthest

Assignment Sheet

Flower Fundraiser is due this Friday, October 22nd! Sell, sell, sell!!!

We will be finishing up Because of Winn Dixie this week. There will be a test on Wednesday. First Nine Weeks writing is due Wednesday!

We'll be adding and subtracting fractions with like and unlike denominators.

Finish discussing pollution and the effect it has on our environment. Benchmark test is October 25th.

Westward Expansion projects are due Wednesday, October 20th.

1. illegal
2. gentle
3. incredible
4. valuable
5. angel
6. aqua-water
7. aquatic
8. audi-hear
9. audible
10. dict-speak
11. dictionary
12. terra-land
13. territory
14. tri-three
15. trilogy

"Give me your tired, your poor, your huddled masses yearning to be free…" ~Statue of Liberty

Sunday, October 10, 2010

Assignment Sheet Oct. 11-15

Early Release Day: Wednesday, October 13th @ 11:00 Flower Bulbs fundraiser due: October 22nd

Reading: We'll be continuing Because of Winn Dixie Writing: 2nd publication due October 13th.

We will begin our new unit called "Going to Pieces with Fractions!"

We will be discussing how limiting factors affect populations in ecosystems.

Students will continue working on their Westward Expansion projects.

1. accept
2. where
3. grown
4. weather
5. weight
6. punct-point
7. punctual
8. bene-good
9. benefit
10. pop-people
11. popular
12. vita-life
13. vitamin
14. scope-look
15. microscope
"It is what it is." ~Mrs. Self's FAVORITE quote!

Monday, October 4, 2010

"Gold" Mining

Today we were miners in Social Studies except we went mining for chocolate chips. Each student received a chocolate chip cookie and a toothpick. They had to try to get their chocolate chips out of the cookie. Some students did this very neatly and others' cookies crumbled. This mining activity showed the effects of mining on the West and how the natural environment was changed.

Thank You Mrs. Tarbert

Here is our silly class picture with Mrs. Tarbert.

Here is my homeroom class with Mrs. Tarbert on her last day with us!

Friday was my student teacher's last day with us before she left to go to Kindergarten to finish her student teaching. Thank you Mrs. Tarbert for doing such a great job with my fifth grade ELA and Social Studies classes. We wish you a lot of luck as you finish student teaching and then get a teaching job! You are AWESOME!

Friday, October 1, 2010

Assignment Sheet Oct. 4-8

Forty Acres projects were phenomenal! Great work! Don't forget to turn in pictures or money before October 12th.

Reading: We will be starting our second novel, Because of Winn Dixie by Kate DiCamillo. Writing: 2nd publication due October 13th.

We will be working on two-digit division this week. Don't forget to be studying those multiplication facts too!!

Continue our study of different ecosystems and their dependency on each other. There will be a unit test on Friday!!!

We will be continuing our study of Westward Expansion and work on our first nine weeks project. Projects are due Wednesday, October 20th.

1. quest
2. thought
3. believe
4. measure
5. discourage
6. chron-time
7. chronicle
8. meter-measure
9. thermometer
10. lum-light
11. luminary
12. scrib-write
13. scribble
14. cent-one hundred
15. century

All you need is love. But a little chocolate now and then doesn't hurt!
Charles M. Shulz

Flower Power Fundraiser


Fifth graders are selling flower bulbs. You will sell these to family, friends, neighbors and people parents work with. (Remember: DO NOT SELL TO A STRANGER! ALWAYS HAVE AN ADULT WITH YOU!) The fundraiser will end on Friday, October 22nd, so please sell quickly. The MOST important thing you need to remember is to get the CORRECT address information because the company will ship the product to the buyer. Write neatly on the order form, and include ALL information. Please put cash, money order or checks made payable to CALHOUN ACADEMY OF THE ARTS: Memo line: 5th grade fundraiser in the envelope provided. There will be a prize for the top 3 sellers of fifth grade. Remember whatever you sell you will get 50% to go towards your Barrier Island trip, so if you sell to 10 people a $10.00 item, then you have raised $100.00 and $50.00 will go towards your trip!!! WHAT A PROFIT!!!! For more information, read over the order form, catalog, or ask your child’s homeroom teacher. Thank you for your cooperation and HAPPY SELLING!

Forty Acres and Maybe a Mule Projects

Sudents presented their Dioramas today in class. They had to pick a scene from the book, tell why they chose the scene, how they made the diorama and talk about who they dressed up like. The students made some outstanding projects, and they really dressed up to portray that character from the book. These pictures are from Bracken, Pearson and Koch's homerooms!